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High DPS Tanking – Omnotron

June 8, 2011

I'm the golem you're looking for.

Omnotron is one of the most fun and challenging fights for a high DPS tank. It’s also one of the most dangerous in terms of risking your survivability in order to push numbers. If your guild wipes on this fight 10 times before killing it every week, then I would not recommend introducing more risk into your raid. Wait until it’s a smooth kill before attempting to push more DPS.

On the Omnotron fight, you will be tanking two out of four bosses. Your co-tank will be grabbing the other two. For the majority of the fight, the two active bosses will be kept separated, and so for all intents and purposes you should treat this like a single target fight. That means you should glyph Crusader Strike and Focused Shield.

Of the four bosses, two of them have periods of time where they absolutely cannot be hit without wiping the raid. Magmaw puts up a Barrier, and you have to stop DPS in order to avoid breaking it. Electron gains an Unstable Shield that will Static Shock anyone who attacks him while it is up (along with a bunch of other people). Your ideal 2-boss combination therefore is Toxitron/Arcanotron.

However far and away the most important boss to get is Toxitron. The damage increase from being Soaked in Poison is significant, and you are able to use AOE on the Poison Bombs while they are out. Therefore your absolute highest priority should be to tank Toxitron. Everything else is secondary.

Let’s Make a Deal

The Monty Hall problem, made famous by the game show Let’s Make a Deal, involved cars, goats and whether or not the contestant had an understanding of probability. 🙂 It goes something like this. The contestant is shown three doors. Behind two of the three doors are goats and behind one of the doors is a brand new car.

The contestant has to pick one of the three doors. After the choice is made, the host opens one of the remaining two doors to reveal a goat. At this point the contestant is presented with a choice. Either stick with his original door or switch to the other unopened door. Should he switch?

The answer is an unequivocal “Yes.” The odds that the contestant made the right choice originally were 1 in 3. No amount of new information changes those odds. There is a 2/3 likelihood that the other door has the car behind it, and so the right move for the contestant is to always switch.

The Omnotron Defense System: four doors, three goats, and one smelly green car that spews bombs and drops you into toxic clouds. Can’t pass that up!

Starting the Fight

Luckily one of the doors gets opened at the start of the fight, and that provides you with some information to make a decision. If your raid leader isn’t going to allow any tank swapping shenanigans, then you have to make a choice: tank the first and third bosses or tank the second and fourth bosses. The rule here is simple:

If the first boss isn’t Toxitron, then let your co-tank start the fight.

Your co-tank will then only have a 1 in 3 chance of getting Toxitron, whereas you now have a 2 in 3 chance of getting him.


If your raid leader is amenable to some gratuitous tank swapping, then you should always start the fight. Always starting the fight allows you to get Vengeance while under the effects of a potion popped before the pull. If the first boss is Toxitron, then no tank swapping is necessary. You’re set. If the first boss is not Toxitron, then you need to watch and see who gets activated second.

If the second activated boss is Toxitron, then you should get your co-tank to taunt the first boss right before the second one activates, and then just tank the second and fourth activated bosses until the end of the fight. If neither of the first two bosses is Toxitron, then you have equal odds either way. You should favor tanking Arcanotron in this case, so swap or stick accordingly. If the first two bosses are Magmatron and Electron, then just stick on the first boss, since it doesn’t matter.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Bombs

Toxitron is far and away the best boss to tank because he provides you with AOE opportunities, you don’t ever have to stop attacking him, and you gain a significant DPS buff from being soaked in his poison. When Toxitron summons Poison Bombs, start using Hammer of the Righteous instead of Crusader Strike and try to make sure Inquisition is up as the bombs start coming out. Ideally you have traps or totems down to slow the bombs so that they stay within melee range of Toxitron the whole time he’s summoning.

Remember the capping principle here. If you are below 56 Expertise and 8% Hit, it’s smarter to Hammer the bombs than it is to Hammer Toxitron. You’ll increase the chance that the primary strike will connect, since without it you won’t get the splash damage.

When Toxitron puts up his Poison-Soaked Shell, you should continue to hit him. This will cause you to become Soaked in Poison. This debuff stacks on you and you take massive Nature damage as it builds up. It is vitally important that you run a major cooldown during this period. I typically stack two cooldowns together to cover the danger period: Divine Protection (glyphed) and then GoAK / AD on each of the two shells.

Your Soaked in Poison stack fluctuates, since you Expunge Poison as you strike your enemies and that lowers the Soaked in Poison stack. You will find that Soaked in Poison will hover between 1-3 as you go through your rotation. If you do not have cooldowns to cover the damage from being soaked in the poison, then you’ll have to stop attacking. If it’s Normal mode, then you don’t really need to worry about the debuff and can just keep attacking anyway.

Get to Da Chopper Poison Clouds!

Toxitron will drop poison clouds. You should try to take advantage of these clouds, since any boss placed within the cloud gains a debuff that causes him to take 50% more damage. The ideal RNG scenario here is that the cloud drops on you or melee.  That way you barely have to move Toxitron and can keep him held in the cloud. If the cloud drops on your ranged instead, then it becomes much trickier to hold the boss in the cloud for any length of time, unless your raid leader is cool with the bombs possibly being dropped very close to the raid.

Basically put your boss in the cloud if it’s Magmatron or Electron, don’t let Arcanotron drop a puddle in a cloud, and always try to maintain the minimum runway for poison bombs that your raid requires.  Don’t run your boss right up to Toxitron in order to put him in a cloud, unless you’ve gotten the ok from your raid leader to do so.

Puddle Jumping

Arcanotron drops puddles underneath his feet that provide a buff to everyone that stands inside them. The Power Generator is similar to the poison clouds except you put yourself into it instead of the boss. The buff is similar: 50% more damage done. If you’re tanking Arcanotron and being completely selfish, then you should walk Arcanotron backwards until he’s just out of the puddle and then run through him.  He’ll flip around and you’ll end up standing in the puddle. This will of course force your melee to attack from the front, so they may find it irritating.

If you get yelled at for such a shamelessly selfish tactic, then you still have options. The debuff gained from the Power Generator doesn’t fade immediately upon leaving the pool. You can actually dip into and out of the pool and still have time to get the DPS bonus on a special attack. The best way to handle this is to position Arcanotron such that his side is to the pools. Then melee can still attack him from behind. You can wait until you get to three Holy Power and then slide into and out of the pool quickly.  Then hit him with your Shield of the Righteous for increased damage.

Arcanotron can turn a Power Generator into an Overcharged Power Generator. When this happens, you can actually do double damage to him, but if he’s standing in it, he’ll do double damage to you.  When the generator detonates, you’ll get hit by Arcane Blowback. I would not recommend screwing around with this, since you just won’t have the cooldowns to deal with both this and with Toxitron’s shell, and it’s better to use the cooldowns on Toxitron. You’ll need to stack cooldowns (Divine Protection + GoAK) to remain standing in an Overcharged Power Generator; if you aren’t tanking Toxitron, you might consider it.

Stop Casting Already!

One surefire way to lose DPS on this fight is to not be paying attention to when the bosses cast spells. The two worst offenders are Magmatron and Arcanotron. It’s easy when repositioning one of these bosses to move out of melee range because they stop to cast something. You then lose DPS running back into melee range.

Normally it’s the right move to back up when Arcanotron drops a puddle under himself while casting Arcane Annihilator. It gets interrupted and then he’ll come running to you. However that will cost you some DPS. Ideally you let him stand in the puddle, delay the interrupt as long as possible and don’t move out of the puddle until the cast has been conclusively interrupted.  This does mean you might take one buffed hit, but you should be able to handle that.

Accept the RNG

One final thought on this fight: the ability to do great damage on this fight is subject to RNG more than any other fight in the tier. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t score as well as you might like. The best you can do is be prepared to execute with the scenario you are given. If you look at top Heroic parses on this fight, you’ll see that many of them did not get the ideal Toxitron/Arcanotron combination. Some of them are Toxitron/Electron or even Toxitron/Magmatron. You can still do well as long as you tank Toxitron, so don’t give up just because you didn’t get the ideal combo.

Also, if you have to blow cooldowns to survive, do so! Don’t take stupid risks and die to something lame like a Shadow Conductor because you were saving your cooldowns for the Poison-Soaked Shell. Remember that any time you die in a threat set, your threat set is going to get blamed, so play smart.

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