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High DPS Tanking – Cho’gall

June 15, 2011

I should state up front that I’ve never gone for a parse on Heroic Cho’gall. Paladins are great as the Cho’gall tank, since they have such good cooldowns that you can completely ignore Fire Elementals that come out while the adds are still up. Since I’m never on the adds, I don’t have much of an opportunity to do multi-target DPS. In addition unglyphed Avenger’s Shield is such a potent tool against Worships that it’s often good to hold it in reserve.

That said, let’s construct the hypothetical scenario where you do maximum DPS and play like a selfish idiot. 🙂

From 100% to 85%

Lots of people assume that Cho’gall’s Fury debuffs and Summon Corrupting Adherents go out on a timer from the start of the fight, but that’s not actually the case. He actually won’t cast either spell until he hits 85%. Regardless of your eventual role, you need to be tanking Cho’gall from 100% to 85% for maximum Vengeance.

The Adherents

Once the boss hits 85%, you’ll get debuffed with Fury and you should then go pick up the Adherents. In theory you could hold them with the boss or even move the boss along with the adds to have a third Hammer target, but your raid leader might not like this idea. Regardless, hitting the Adherents is a bit better than hitting Cho’gall. Try to DPS the Adherents down evenly so that you’re hitting two targets for the maximum amount of time.

The Blood

Once the blood comes out it’s an obvious DPS win to Hammer it, but the problem is your co-tank will get Fury during this time and be ready for you to come back. My best advice here is to make absolutely sure you have nameplates that show aggro so that you can see if the Blood is safe to attack, i.e., if none have aggro on you. If it’s all clear, you should get in a few swipes on the Blood and then take back over on the boss.

In later waves there will almost always be some Blood that has aggro on you, so trying to DPS the Blood will become very dangerous.

Darkened Creations

In the final phase you want to position Cho’gall somewhere where you can hit a lot of Darkened Creations while tanking Cho’gall. The throne is the best place for getting the tentacles bunched up nicely. Make sure to use Hammer and unglyphed Avenger’s Shield during this time.

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