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High DPS Tanking – V&T and Ascendant Council

June 15, 2011

Valiona and Theralion and Ascendant Council are both good fights to wear a full threat set, since the tank damage on both is very low. For both fights you’ll be tanking only one target at a time, so glyph Crusader Strike and Focused Shield.

Valiona and Theralion

For Valiona and Theralion, it’s pretty much just tank and spank, so there’s really nothing much to talk about. Bubble off the Twilight Rupture stacks before they get to five so that you can tank longer before getting sent to the Twilight Realm. If the fight lasts long enough, you’ll even get a chance to use your bubble a second time. Just get out of the Twilight Realm as fast as you can, and then taunt the dragon off your co-tank the minute you get back to the normal realm. You want to maximize Vengeance, so you only want your co-tank to pick up the dragons during the brief time that you’re in the Twilight Realm. Druids are a good choice as co-tanks on this fight, since they can spend the bulk of the fight doing lots of DPS in cat form and can just tank the boss in cat gear with a hybrid spec while you’re in the other realm.

Ascendant Council

Introducing the Vengeance Dispenser 9000!

Ascendant Council is a very fun fight to try to do great DPS on. In P1 you have a choice between tanking Ignacious or Feludius. I prefer Ignacious, since the Flame Torrent gives you excellent Vengeance, and you don’t have to run out for Glaciates. Wait to pop your first Avenging Wrath until you’ve eaten a Flame Torrent and Ignacious has done his first leap. Try to get Heart of Ice. Even holding it for a few seconds will give you a nice DPS boost in P1. You don’t have to tank with it for very long to reap the benefits of it.

In P1, be very aware of the danger points in the fight. In particular, you need to save your cooldowns for the Flame Torrents that follow the Aegis. Also be aware of the timing of the Rising Flames stacks. Every so often, his buff will last through two Flame Torrents, so be watching for that and make sure you have cooldowns. Your health pool is going to be much smaller, so it’s very important that you use cooldowns wisely here.

In P2 it’s safer to tank Arion. If a Harden Skin gets off, Terrestra is more dangerous to you in your threat set than Arion is. If you do not have a very high comfort level with P2, then focus on survival first and DPS second. It’s most important that you simply survive this phase. Get the correct debuffs for Quake and Thundershock. There’s no reason to risk taking that damage, and you can keep DPSing Arion while moving over to the tornado or to the well.

Keep Arion close to Terrestra so that when he teleports away to start casting his Lightning Blast, you can switch to Terrestra and keep DPSing. I would not recommend using Hammer of the Righteous when the two bosses are together in P2. Your co-tank will be moving Terrestra very unpredictably, and Arion will also be teleporting away regularly. I found I did more DPS just using Crusader Strike.

If Arion’s Lightning Blast is going to get off, make sure to use a defensive cooldown for it. Watch for Flamestrikes on the ground and don’t stand in them. In your threat set the initial hit will be very dangerous. Also make sure to avoid getting the wrong debuff for Quake and Thundershock. If you ever have no buff at all or do have the wrong buff, pop a defensive cooldown.

In P3 you should be tanking the Elementium Monstrosity. Be aware of when he’s casting Gravity Crush so that you don’t lose DPS continuing to kite. When Lava Seeds go out, it’s best to just pop a defensive cooldown pre-emptively in case you hit some. If your raid is struggling with the Monstrosity DPS you should probably save your second potion for this phase. If not, your potion will be better used in the previous two phases when you have more Vengeance.

I cannot emphasize enough that cooldowns are amazing here. If you are not super comfortable with this fight, don’t attempt it in threat gear.

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