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How to Reforge for Hit and Expertise

July 7, 2011

In my original post on high DPS tanking, I talked about tools for reforging your gear like Mr. Robot and WoW Reforge, but I didn’t really get into the details of how to do it. In this post I’ll cover using WoW Reforge and show you what I do on my own gear.

Load up your character at WoW Reforge and take a look at the weights section. You should see something like this:

My goal when reforging is to take points away from Dodge and Parry while leaving Mastery alone. I really don’t care whether the points come from Dodge or Parry, so for my purposes I just want to set them to a weak value that ensures they will never be considered over Hit and Expertise. For Mastery, we consider it to be more valuable than Hit but less valuable than Expertise below the soft cap.

The weights I use are as follows:

With these values, we’re willing to take away from Dodge or Parry all the time in order to gain Hit and Expertise. We’ll only reforge out of Mastery, however, if it’s absolutely necessary to do so in order to get to the Expertise soft cap.

WoW Reforge allows you to set caps for Hit and Expertise and also to specify weights for those abilities above the caps. These values will vary somewhat depending on what race you are. For example, I am a Draenei, so my Hit cap is 841. I don’t get any Expertise from racials, so with Glyph of Seal of Truth, my Expertise soft cap is hit when I have 481 Expertise Rating. Here is how I fill out the cap fields:

As you can see, what this will do is cause WoW Reforge to shed Dodge and Parry in order to get Hit to 841, and it will shed Dodge, Parry and Mastery to get Expertise to at least 481.

If you decide you’d like a higher Expertise target, I’ve found the best way to model that is to simply pretend like that extra Expertise is below the soft cap. In other words, just increase the value in the Cap #2 field above. This will cause WoW Reforge to try to push you higher, but be aware it will do so at the expense of Mastery. It’s good to test this though to see how high you can push it before you’re forced to shed Mastery.

Also note that the adds in T12 aren’t as harsh in terms of level as in T11. I don’t think there are any level 88 adds in Firelands (although I haven’t checked this rigorously). This means that soft capping Expertise at 26 will go a long way, since you’ll hard cap against level 87 adds (like the Alysrazor hatchlings).

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