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First Week in Heroic Firelands

July 12, 2011

Dead Lord Rhyolith

Well, we’ve now spent one week in Heroic Firelands, and I can sum it up with one word: odd. Our guild doesn’t raid on Tuesday, so when we started on Wednesday, we could see what all of the other guilds did on the first night of raiding. What we saw was that a zillion guilds killed Shannox. So we figured he was going to be pretty easy.

Even knowing how easy it was, I was not prepared for how ridiculous this fight turned out to be. It was easier than normal mode. We killed him in under 30 minutes. The trash took more time to kill. I can’t help but think that the fight is broken in some way. It just doesn’t feel like the mechanics are supposed to be that simple. It’s literally set up to be easier than normal mode, and that makes no sense.

Anyway, fresh off the first kill, we moved on to Heroic Rhyolith. Now we saw that a lot of guilds were still 1/7, so we were expecting some real progression with this boss. Mostly what we got was a bit of a DPS check, but again, the mechanics were very easy with disciplined high DPS. Rhyolith went down in a bit over an hour after only 11 wipes. 12 attempts total. Compare that with T11 bosses, none of which went down that fast. Disappointing.

At this point I was getting a bit worried, since it seemed like Firelands was going to be too easy, but then we got to Heroic Beth’tilac. This fight is fantastic and is easily my favorite fight of the tier. We wiped on it for the rest of our 10.5 hour raid week, but we did have some heartbreakingly close calls. Overall we had a few good chances to kill her on our last raid night (got to 38 Frenzy stacks even), and we just didn’t quite get there. I’m confident she will fall quickly to us on Wednesday, but it was frustrating to be so close.

From a high DPS tanking perspective, Shannox is a bit simplistic. I went a bit conservative since it was progression, even though I knew the boss was supposedly easy. I Hit capped and soft Expertise capped, but I didn’t put on DPS trinkets and kept a Stamina flask. I scored the #1 parse on it by a mile (probably because other tanks were being sensible and going for full-on survivability, but I’ve never been particularly sensible).

Lord Rhyolith is a bit more interesting from a high DPS tanking perspective. I do think the highest DPS tank will be the one on the Spark rather than the one on the Fragments. I happened to be the Fragment tank, and I just wasn’t getting enough Vengeance. I think going for the top parse will probably involve treating the fight more like single target and glyphing that way (and then tanking the Sparks).

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