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Firebrand and Stormcaller Strategy Guide

April 11, 2012

Kill Video:


Firebrand Abilities:

Missile Blast – The standard attack on a tank. Hits every 3 seconds. Will also hit people in front of the Firebrand turret.

Missile Barrage – A larger attack that always occurs while the tank has Incinerate Armor. It has a high chance of 1-shotting any tank that has the Incinerate Armor debuff. Will also hit people in front of the Firebrand turret.

Mortar Volley – A rain of damage that hits everyone who is outside of a shield every three seconds. There are eight total hits.

Targeted – A yellow circle appears under someone’s feet. Keep moving and get cleansed (or self-cleanse) and run out before the damage hits. On Story Mode no cleanse is needed.

Mortar Barrage – Red circles appear all over the playing field. Mortar Barrage will hit after a second or two where those red circles appeared.

Incinerate Armor – A debuff placed on the tank that removes all of his armor for 15 seconds.

Stormcaller Abilities:

Zap Attack – The standard attack on a tank. Hits every 3 seconds. Will also hit people in front of the Stormcaller turret.

Electric Discharge – A larger attack that is used only a couple of times per phase. It has a high chance of 1-shotting any tank that has the Double Destruction debuff. Will also hit people in front of the Stormcaller turret.

Electrical Disturbance – A lightning spire placed on the ground that pulses as long as a person stands inside its area of effect.

Single Destruction – Debuff when someone stands in front of a Double Destruction cast. Turns into Double Destruction after a few seconds.

Double Destruction – Name of both a cast and a debuff that is applied. The DoT also doubles all damage taken from Stormcaller attacks.

Shared Abilities:

Defensive Systems – The hovertanks become virtually immune to damage and knock back anyone near them. This is a buff on the hovertanks, so you can watch to see when it expires.

Enrage – The hovertanks eventually Enrage. In addition to doing increased damage, anyone standing on the hovertanks will start taking damage. Therefore healers especially should get off the hovertanks when they Enrage. Tanks should get off also unless they have a major CD running.


The fight consists of two phases. During the normal phase the hovertanks are damaged and during the shield phase, players must hide under shields and DPS adds instead.

Phase One:

P1 Positioning

During P1, healers and tanks should stand up on Firebrand and Stormcaller. Tanks should rotate the turrets about 45 degrees outwards so that nobody will get hit by Firebrand and Stormcaller’s frontal cone abilities. Anyone standing on the tanks is Magnetically Stabilized and is less likely to get selected by Targeted and Electrical Disturbance.

Note that the easiest way up onto the tanks is via the sides. If you have trouble jumping straight up via the front, then use the inner sides (i.e., the side of Firebrand that faces Stormcaller and vice versa) as your path up. The outer sides are dangerous to use since you risk getting hit by Firebrand and Stormcaller’s frontal attacks.

At the beginning of P1, Firebrand will use Mortar Barrage and red circles will appear all over the playing field. People standing up on the hovertanks will be safe, but ranged DPS will have to avoid the circles.

Throughout P1, Stormcaller will target random ranged DPS with Electrical Disturbance. This is a lightning spire that persists on the ground for a while. Get out of the crackling blue sphere to avoid taking damage.

Firebrand will randomly place a yellow circle under a ranged DPS. Although it is very unlikely that someone on the hovertanks will be chosen, it can happen. Make sure to pay attention even if you’re not a ranged DPS. The person with the yellow circle should run away from everyone else and self-cleanse while still moving or call for a cleanse while still moving. The key to avoiding damage from this attack is to never stop moving. On Story Mode no cleanse is required.

Twice during this phase Stormcaller will cast Double Destruction. Double Destruction must be split among two players, since any player who eats it by himself gets stunned and thrown up in the air (and will die). The two players closest to the front of the Stormcaller turret will get a Single Destruction debuff that turns into a Double Destruction debuff after a few seconds. This debuff is a ticking DoT that also doubles damage taken from Stormcaller.

Two melee should handle the Double Destruction debuff. If you don’t have two melee, use a healer instead. The Stormcaller tank can rotate the turret so that it is facing the ranged DPS (at 0 degrees instead of 45) to make it easier for the melee to get in front of the tank, although this really shouldn’t be necessary if the melee are paying attention.

Shortly after the Double Destruciton DoT goes up on both melee, the Stormcaller tank will get hit with Electric Discharge. As long as he doesn’t have the Double Destruction debuff, this can easily be healed.

Following the Double Destruction, the Firebrand tank will get Incinerate Armor. The two tanks should swap when this debuff goes out, and quickly rotate the turrets back into position so no raiders get hit by the hovertank frontal cone abilities.

After the tanks swap, a second Double Destruction goes out and has to be handled by the melee. After the second Double Destruction, P1 will end and P2 will begin as both Firebrand and Stormcaller cast Defensive Systems.

Phase Two:

P2 Positioning

During Phase Two, the hovertanks have a buff on them called Defensive Systems that makes them virtually immune to damage. Adds will come jetting in, and it’s much easier to see them if you have enemy nameplates on. One of the adds will deploy a Shield Generator.

On Story Mode, the shields always appear towards the front of the tanks and off to the sides. On Hard Mode, the location of the shields is variable, and in the worst case scenario, the shields can actually be behind the hovertanks.

Defensive Systems actually applies a knockback when the cast finishes, so people standing on the tank can use this knockback to be propelled towards the shield.

It is important to be under the shield after Defensive Systems finishes casting, since it protects players from the attack that Firebrand unleashes for the rest of the phase. This attack is called Mortar Volley and it hits 8 times every 3 seconds for a few thousand damage each tick. Save defensive cooldowns for if you get caught outside the shield and have to eat a tick or two of this attack.

On the Firebrand side, everyone can get under the shield and DPS the adds. It is important to use only single target attacks, as any AOE attacks will also hit the Shield Generator itself. If the shield dies early, then everyone will take Mortar Volley damage and possibly die. The tank on the Firebrand side can hold aggro on the adds and keep others from taking damage.

On the Stormcaller side, things are a bit different. During this phase Stormcaller now targets his tank with Electrical Disturbance over and over again. The tank must be constantly moving and has to stay outside the shield in order to avoid dropping Electrical Disturbances on other players on the Stormcaller side. It is important that the tank not outrange healers who will be inside the shield. In addition the tank should be constantly moving to avoid getting hit by pulses of Electrical Disturbance. The Stormcaller tank is also eating Mortar Volley the entire time. Tank CDs should be saved for this phase.

After the Mortar Volley ends and the Defensive Systems buff expires from Firebrand and Stormcaller, P1 starts again. It is important for all players to get away from the outside, since the hovertank turrets will get turned in that direction by the tanks. Return to your P1 positions as quickly as possible.


Some people have trouble seeing Electrical Disturbances. Call out if you see someone standing in one, since it might be invisible to that person.

Right before Defensive Systems starts casting, the Stormcaller tank can get hit by a single Electrical Disturbance. This can be very annoying if it is dropped on top of the hovertank as it makes it hard for melee and healers on Stormcaller to use Defensive Systems to get punted. People on this side need to be really on the ball as far as watching for where the shield is going to be and getting there quickly.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Appdaptation permalink
    April 17, 2012 3:27 am

    These are very helpful! Shared them with my guild and hoping they are the key to victory for us. I hope you keep posting the walk through text along with the videos. I subscribed to your YouTube channel also. Cheers!

  2. Jigglypuff permalink
    April 23, 2012 2:41 am

    The guide is very helpful, and the video actually makes it seem quite easy to do once you learn the mechanics. I do have a question though. You mentioned in the guide that you would have to tank swap at some point, but I didn’t see it happen in the video.

    “Following the Double Destruction, the Firebrand tank will get Incinerate Armor. The two tanks should swap when this debuff goes out, and quickly rotate the turrets back into position so no raiders get hit by the hovertank frontal cone abilities.”

    Cinoki was on Stormcaller the entire time. Does this tank swap actually just consist of the Stormcaller tank taunting Firebrand off of the other tank? This would make sense as long as the guys standing on the inside of Stormcaller were out of range of Firebrand’s frontal attack.

    My guild has attempted to run the story mode once just to get the mechanics down before HM. Due to some technical issues on my part we were unable to actually fight these tanks. Being a tank myself, I’m interested in knowing exactly how this aforementioned tank swap happens, as I didn’t notice one in the video.

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