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Toth and Zorn Strategy Guide

April 11, 2012

Toth Abilities:

Smash – An AOE attack that hits everyone within 25m of Toth. If positioned correctly, only the Toth tank and the melee should take any damage.

Backhand Smash – A 2 second knockdown. Seems to hit anyone in front of Toth.

Cleave – Toth has a small Cleave that will hit anyone in front of him.

Ground Shatter – A sustained AOE that hits everyone within 50m. Also causes red circles to appear and then the ground erupts. Will kill you if you’re not topped off and just hurt you a lot if you’re not.

Berserk – Toth does 200% damage with all his abilites. Can only be removed by a successful Baradium Heave from Zorn.

Zorn Abilities:

Flurry – Zoth’s standard hit on the tank is a flurry of blows.

Emboldened – When Toth leaps to Zorn, anyone within 30m of the center of Zorn’s hitbox will be affected with the Fearful debuff, which causes them to take double damage from Zorn’s abilities and to also take ~6k reflected damage whenever they damage Zorn. Only the Zorn tank should be hit by this.

Shriek – An AOE that hits for small damage to everyone within 25m. Leaves two DoTS on anyone hit.

Mental Anguish – A damaging DoT applied by Shriek. Can be cleansed.

Weakened – A stacking debuff that causes the player to do less and less damage over time. Applied by Shriek. Can be cleansed.

Baradium Toss – Throws a piece of baradium ore at a random player within 25m.

Baradium Heave – Targets someone with a yellow circle. That player runs over to Toth and stands under him. The yellow circle turns purple when the debuff wears off, and then Zorn throws a huge baradium boulder at Toth that clears his Berserk buff. Anyone standing inside the circle takes huge damage.

Sonic Paralysis – Stuns the tank and does damage. Will not necessarily be breakable every time by the tank, so healers should be prepared for it the second time it happens.

Shared Abilities:

Surge – Both Toth and Zorn get a stacking buff that increases their damage done if they are too close to one another. They have to be kept separated to avoid this extra damage.


The raid splits in two with 1 tank, 2 healers and 5 DPS on each side. Any melee DPS should be on Toth full time and should never DPS Zorn. Ranged can be put on either boss.

Toth is positioned in the area just in front of the cave entrance. Zorn is positioned just in front of the tree to the left of the cave entrance, roughly 35-40m away from Zorn. Ranged on Zorn and Toth are 30m back in the open meadow, on their respective sides.

At every 20% threshold starting at 90%, e.g., 90%, then 70%, then 50%, etc., Toth will leap to Zorn. The Zorn tank will now have the Fearful debuff, which makes it impossible to tank Zorn without taking huge damage. Therefore the tanks have to switch bosses. This is also when a phase change will occur, and something new will start happening.

The fight consists of three phases:

Phase One:

Zorn will use Shriek on anyone within 25m. Toth will Smash anyone within 25m.

– Be conscious of your positioning and try to have your side to the raid, so that you no further from the raid than the boss. This keeps your healers from having to back out to avoid damaging attacks.
– Save your taunts for transitions. If someone rips right before a transition, don’t taunt and then have nothing when the leap happens.

Zorn Tank:
– Watch for the Mental Anguish and Weakened debuffs and make sure to call for a cleanse.

Zorn Ranged DPS:
– Be at max range to avoid getting hit by Shriek. Pay very close attention to where you are standing when the Toth leap is about to happen. Be at max range to avoid getting Fearful. If you do get the Fearful debuff, then go over to the Toth side until it expires and just DPS Toth.

Zorn Healers:
– Watch for debuffs that hit anyone on your side and make sure to cleanse them. If the tank positions poorly both you and the tank may get the debuff.

Toth Tank:
– Move Toth quickly back to his original position to avoid a Smash hitting the Zorn side of the raid.
– Keep Toth faced away from melee and yell at them if they’re standing with you during this phase.
– Don’t waste your 2min stun break on Backhand Smash. You need to save it for Zorn.

Toth Melee DPS:
– Watch your positioning and don’t stand in front of the boss. You want to avoid the Cleaves.

Toth Ranged DPS and Healers:
– Be at max range to avoid getting hit by Toth’s Smash. This may be impossible for the healers to avoid if the tank positions poorly.

When one of the bosses falls below 90%, Toth leaps to Zorn. At this point the two tanks swap positions. We also have the healers swap positions, since (at least right now) the tanks have not been able to position themselves well enough to allow healers to reliably avoid Fearful. DPS stay on the same side unless they get Fearful as well, in which case they also go to the other side.

When one of the bosses falls below 80% health, phase two begins.

Phase Two:

Phase two begins with an emote “Toth is Berserk! Stay away!” At this point Toth now has a damage buff called Berserk that doubles his damage done. The healers on that side should be aware that Smashes and tank damage are going to double so more intense healing will be required on that side.

Meanwhile Zorn will begin tossing baradium at anyone within 25m of his position. He will remain stationary as long as someone is within 25m to soak rocks.

A yellow circle will appear under someone’s feet during this phase. That person must run over to Toth’s backside such that the yellow circle is underneath Toth’s feet. After 15 seconds, the yellow circle turns purple, and you have 2-3 seconds to get out of the circle. Zorn will then heave a giant baradium boulder at Toth and it will hit him, removing Toth’s Berserk and returning his damage to normal.

Toth Tank:
You will be taking double damage while Toth has the Berserk, so be prepared to use cooldowns during this phase if needed. Be very aware of your position relative to Zorn. If Zorn is out of position for some reason, make sure to be far enough away that people on your side are not getting hit by Zorn’s rocks.

All DPS:
Be sure to stop DPS at 73%! You need to wait for the Baradium Heave before continuing DPS. Otherwise the phase will end, and Toth will stay Berserk.

Toth Melee DPS:
Smash will hit for double damage, and this is the most damage you will be taking during the entire fight. This is the time to use your damage reducing cooldowns and medpacks.

Toth Ranged DPS:
Try to position yourself so that you outrange Smash. Since it is hitting for double damage, you really don’t want to be caught by it.

Toth Healers:
The tanks and melee will take a lot of damage during this phase.

Zorn Tank:
Watch for Shriek right after the Baradium Heave and make sure to call for a cleanse. Stay on top of Zorn to maintain threat and to be the target for his smaller rocks. Position yourself so that your healer can reach you without also taking rock damage.

Zorn Ranged DPS:
Be careful about cheating too far in. Don’t eat rocks when you don’t have to. If you get the yellow circle and have to run to Toth, make sure you return to your original position quickly. The transition to the next phase may happen while you are out of position, causing you to get Fearful. Be aware that this can happen and just stay on the Toth side if it does.

Zorn Healers:
If the Zorn tank has to leave because he gets the yellow circle, make sure to walk within range of Zorn and soak rocks to keep Zorn from moving. Since our strat involves healers switching sides, it’s better to help keep Zorn stationary than to avoid Fearful here. Still, you can try to be aware of when the phase is about to end and back away right before the leap to avoid it.

Try to help out on the Toth side with that damage if you can. It’s ok to cheat over there a bit.

Watch out for a Shriek after the Baradium Heave and make sure to cleanse the Zorn tank (and yourself if you get hit by it).

When one of the bosses falls below 70%, Toth leaps to Zorn and the fight returns to P1.

Phase One (repeated):
This phase lasts from 70%-60%. When one boss falls below 60%, Phase Three begins.

Phase Three:

Zorn will stun his tank with Sonic Paralysis. The tank should break the stun the first time it happens and keep DPSing.

Toth will begin pounding the ground. This ground shatter will do a raidwide AOE tick to everyone. In addition red circles will appear on the ground that will erupt with spikes after a few seconds. These hit for massive damage, so make sure to move out of them or risk dying.

At 50%, the fight will return to P1 for a third time.

Phase One (repeated):
This phase lasts from 50-40%. At 40%, Phase Two happens again. In general, the fight alternates P1 with P2/P3.

Phase Two (repeated):
This phase goes from 40%-30%.

Phase One (repeated):

Phase Three (repeated):
The Zorn tank will get stunned during the repeat of Phase Three and won’t be able to break it. The tank should try to have a cooldown in effect before the stun happens and healers should be aware that the tank is stunned.

This phase ends at 10%.

Phase One (repeated):
At 10%, Toth will leap to Zorn one last time. STOP DPS. Wait for the tanks to get the bosses separated, and wait for healers to get the raid completely topped off. At 5%, we transition to the final phase of the fight.

Phase Four (repeated):
At 5%, Toth begins doing a double damage Ground Shatter. He must be killed as quickly as possible. All DPS should switch to Toth at this point and finish him off.

Zorn will be throwing rocks during this final phase as well. Once Toth is dead, burn Zorn. Watch out for one last Shriek. Melee may just want to let ranged take care of finishing Zorn off.


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  1. Hoggy permalink
    August 5, 2012 12:19 pm

    Thanks for the great writeup. Please recheck a couple of facts:

    1. The range of the Fearful debuff is now 30 meters, not 25. This was in the Patch Notes for a recent patch.

    2.Fearful does not “double Zorn’s DPS.” It hits players for 6k every time they damage Zorn, regardless of the amount of that damage. This includes DoTs, so if a player has DoTs running on Zorn and gets the Fearful debuff, he/she will be ticked to death 6k at a time as their DoTs tick.

    • August 5, 2012 4:22 pm

      This is an ancient writeup (from PTS timeframe), so the information in it isn’t completely accurate.

      Anyway, regarding Fearful, Zorn does do reflected damage when people damage him, but he also does double damage on targets that have Fearful. For example his Flurry normally hits a tank for about 2500-2700 on 16-man Hard Mode, but if you have Fearful….

      [22:18:31.675] [Zorn {2861388816973824}:673000965661] [@Kihra] [Flurry {2877735462502400}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (5437 elemental {836045448940875})

      Double damage. In fact it used to be triple damage on the PTS at first, and then they toned it down.

      • Hoggy permalink
        August 9, 2012 11:39 pm

        Please, recheck your facts on a live server. According to mmo-mechanics and other scholarly log-parsers, the Fearful debuff NOW on LIVE SERVERS does not reflect any damage, nor does it cause double damage (that’s his Berserk buff). Fearful hits afflictees with ~6k damage every time they damage Zorn in any amount, including weak DoTs ticking. Your log snippet above is gobbledygook without knowing what {836045448945477} means. It’s probably Berserk, not Fearful.

      • August 10, 2012 12:25 am

        Berserk is the buff Toth gets. Zorn does not get a Berserk buff. He gets Emboldened. A tank with the Fearful debuff does in fact get hit for double damage by Zorn. Logs clearly indicate this. The snippet I linked to you is showing a double damage Flurry hit from Zorn on me while I was afflicted with Fearful. It is from a recent kill on live servers. I can also show you double damage Baradium Tosses as well.

        As for the ~6k damage, yes, that’s correct. “Reflection” does not imply damage in = damage out. “Reflection” means “You hit him, he hits you.” That’s exactly what the 6k damage is… damage that you take as a result of damaging Zorn. I don’t think reflection is an inaccurate term to use to describe that result. That the damage is constant rather than exactly = to the amount you did doesn’t make the term reflection inappropriate to describe what is happening.

  2. August 10, 2012 12:31 am

    I updated the article to match our internal guild strategy guide for live. It corrects the inaccuracies regarding the leaps, and I added some clarification regarding the 6k reflection hits from Zorn.

  3. August 10, 2012 12:41 am

    Here’s a complete picture to illustrate the double damage, taken from a recent raid on live servers:

    Kihra is tanking Zorn. Kihra gets Fearful.

    [22:18:28.160] [Zorn {2861388816973824}:673000965661] [@Kihra] [Emboldened {2877791297077248}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Fearful {2877791297077508}] ()

    Kihra hits Zorn with Spinning Strike:

    [22:18:28.339] [@Kihra] [@Kihra] [Spinning Strike {2295904832847872}] [Event {836045448945472}: AbilityActivate {836045448945479}] ()

    Kihra takes Fearful damage as a result:

    [22:18:28.340] [Zorn {2861388816973824}:673000965661] [@Kihra] [ {2877795592044544}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (3194 kinetic {836045448940873})

    Kihra hits with Saber Strike:

    [22:18:31.080] [@Kihra] [@Kihra] [Saber Strike {947486965366784}] [Event {836045448945472}: AbilityActivate {836045448945479}] ()

    Kihra takes more Fearful damage as a result:

    [22:18:31.082] [Zorn {2861388816973824}:673000965661] [@Kihra] [ {2877795592044544}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (3194 kinetic {836045448940873})

    Now Zorn hits Kihra with Flurry. The damage is clearly exactly double the normal 2718 hit (5437).

    [22:18:31.675] [Zorn {2861388816973824}:673000965661] [@Kihra] [Flurry {2877735462502400}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (5437 elemental {836045448940875})

    Vexsin taunts Zorn off Kihra for a swap. Vexsin does not have Fearful:

    [23:18:32.668] [@Vexsi] [Zorn {2861388816973824}:673000965661] [Mind Control {979772234530816}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Taunt {979772234531083}] ()

    Now Vexsin eats the next Flurry, which hits for the usual amount because Vexsin does not have Fearful:

    [23:18:33.788] [Zorn {2861388816973824}:673000965661] [@Vexsi] [Flurry {2877735462502400}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (2718 elemental {836045448940875})

    So yes, you take damage from Zorn if you hit him while you have Fearful. You also, however, take double damage from any attacks he directs at you. Most DPS and healers don’t really think about this part, since if you’re playing correctly, only the tank will get hit by damaging attacks Zorn does.

    The double damage component of Fearful, though, is why you would see bad DPS/heals who stood to close get 1-shot by Shrieks as well. If you have Fearful and eat a Shriek, you’ll basically fall over dead.

    If you can point me to whatever thread someone is claiming that there is no double damage component from Fearful, I’d be happy to post information to help prove that it is in fact still present (and always has been). I should add that this is a hard mode guide, so it’s possible Fearful doesn’t do double damage on Story Mode. It’s been so long since I ran Story Mode that I don’t know for sure if the double damage component is present there.

    • Hoggy permalink
      August 11, 2012 4:31 am

      Thank you for the clarification. The problem seems to have been mostly semantics- “reflection” does, in fact, imply that the damage you get will be at least proportional, if not equal, to the damage you deal. Imagine the difference between looking at a lit match 2 feet away in a mirror and looking at a 1,000,000 candlepower searchlight 2 feet away in the same mirror. Clearly, the “reflection” will be proportional to the input.

      Also, thanks for clarifying the difference between attacks directed at you and the ~6k from Fearful, which is not specifically directed at anyone but simply procs off of any damaging attack or tick. Not being a tank, I have never had a Zorn or Toth attack directed at me, so naturally my combat logs do not show what you have described.

      The websites I was referring to do not specifically DENY that there is a double-damage component to Fearful, they simply don’t mention it. One website in particular claims that Fearful actually increases Zorn’s range from 25 to 30 meters (or yards), which seems goofy beyond belief. I think where this came from is the recent “buff” of the range at which you can GET Fearful from 25 to 30 yards, which is a completely different thing from increasing Zorn’s range.

      Finally, I haven’t run Story Mode in ages either, so we’re on the same page with that: Hard Mode is all I have been talking about. Thanks again for the clarification and logs.

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